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JONES LANG LASALLE INC filed this Form S-1/A on 07/15/1997
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                                                                   EXHIBIT 10.15

                                    FORM OF
                           INDEMNIFICATION AGREEMENT

          AGREEMENT, effective as of July __, 1997 by and between LaSalle
Partners Incorporated, a Maryland corporation (the "Company"), and
______________ ("Indemnitee").

          WHEREAS, it is essential to the Company to retain and attract as
directors and officers the most capable persons available;

          WHEREAS, Indemnitee is a director or officer of the

          WHEREAS, both the Company and Indemnitee recognize the increased risk
of litigation and other claims being asserted against directors and officers of
public companies in today's environment;

          WHEREAS, the Charter and Bylaws of the Company permit the Company to
indemnify and advance expenses to its directors and officers to the full extent
permitted by law and Indemnitee has been serving and continues to serve as a
director or officer of the Company in part in reliance on such Charter and

          WHEREAS, in recognition of Indemnitee's need for substantial
protection against personal liability in order to enhance Indemnitee's continued
service to the Company in an effective manner, and in part to provide Indemnitee
with specific contractual assurance that the protection promised by the
aforesaid Charter and Bylaws will
 be available to Indemnitee (regardless of,
among other things, any amendment to or revocation of such Charter or Bylaws or
any change in the composition of the Company's Board of Directors or acquisition
transaction relating to the Company), the Company wishes to provide in this
Agreement for the indemnification of and the advancing of expenses to
Indemnitee to the fullest extent (whether partial or complete) permitted by law
and as set forth in this Agreement and, to the extent insurance is obtained, for
the continued coverage of Indemnitee under the Company's directors' and
officers' liability insurance policies;

© Copyright Jones Lang LaSalle, IP, Inc.