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SEC Filings

JONES LANG LASALLE INC filed this Form S-1/A on 07/15/1997
Entire Document
courier, which shall not alter the time at which the telecopier notice is deemed
received), or air courier to the parties at the addresses set forth below.  Such
notices shall be deemed given: at the time personally delivered, if delivered by
hand with receipt acknowledged; at the time received if sent certified or
registered mail; when answered back, if telexed; upon transmission thereof by
the sender and issuance by the transmitting machine of a confirmation slip that
the number of pages constituting the notice have been transmitted without error,
if telecopied, and the first business day after timely delivery to the courier,
if sent by air courier.

               (a)  If to  DEL-LPL, DEL-LPAML or DEL/LaSalle to:

               DEL-LPL Limited Partnership
               c/o LaSalle Partners Incorporated
               200 East Randolph Drive
               Chicago, IL  60601
               Attention:  William E. Sullivan
               Telephone:  (312) 782-3800
               Fax:  (312) 228-0980

               with a copy to:

               Hagan & Associates
               Suite 4322
               200 E. Randolph Drive
               Chicago, IL 60606
               Attention:  Robert C. Hagan
               Telephone:  (312) 228-2994
               Fax:  (312) 782-4339


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