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SEC Filings

JONES LANG LASALLE INC filed this Form S-1/A on 07/15/1997
Entire Document
               (d)  represented and warranted that it has such knowledge and
experience in financial and business matters as to be capable of evaluating the
merits and risks of its investment, and has the ability to suffer the total loss
of its investment;

               (e)  represented and warranted that in making the decision to
acquire the Securities, such Purchaser has relied upon independent investiga-
tions made by such Purchaser, and to the extent believed appropriate by such
Purchaser, by such Purchaser's own professional, financial, tax and other

               (f)  represented and warranted that it has had access prior to
its acquisition of the Securities to such information relating to the
Corporation as it desired and that it has had the opportunity to ask questions
of and receive answers from the Corporation concerning the terms and conditions
of the offering of the Securities and the IPO and to obtain additional
information (to the extent the Corporation possessed such information or could
acquire it without unreasonable effort or expense) necessary to verify the
accuracy of any information furnished to it or to which it had access;

               (g)  represented and warranted that the offering to such
Purchaser was made only through direct personal communication between such
Purchaser and a representative of the Corporation and not through public
solicitation or advertising;

               (h)  acknowledged that it understands that the Securities may not
be sold, transferred or otherwise disposed of without registration under the
Securities Act or an exemption therefrom and that in the absence of an effective
registration statement covering the Securities or an available exemption from
registration under the Securities Act, the Securities must be held indefinitely;

               (i)  acknowledged that it has not entered into any agreement to
sell or otherwise dispose of any of the Securities to be received by it and has
no intention to sell or otherwise dispose of its Securities; provided, that (i)
DEL/LaSalle intends to grant to the underwriters participating in the IPO an
option to purchase up to 600,000 shares of the Common Stock to be received by it
pursuant to this Agreement, for the purpose of covering over-allotments, if any
(the "Option Grant"), (ii) G-LPL and G-LLC intend to distribute all of their
Securities to the Galbreath Transferees.


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