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JONES LANG LASALLE INC filed this Form S-1/A on 07/11/1997
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                                   SECTION 6

                            Distribution of Accounts

          6.1. Distributions. Subject to subsection 6.2, amounts credited and
deferred under this program for each calendar year (and investment gains and
losses thereon) shall be distributed in a lump sum to the participant on the
applicable distribution date elected by the participant; provided, however,
that if on any distribution date, any investment gains or losses cannot then be
determined, such distribution will be delayed until the accounting steps
described in subsection 4.5 have been completed. Distributions may be made in
cash, company stock or other property, as determined by the administrator.

          6.2. Pre and Post Retirement Age Distributions. If a participant
separates from service with the employers prior to attainment of retirement age
(as defined by the administrator), the entire balance in the participant's
deferral account shall be distributed to him in a lump sum in cash on or about
March 15 (the "early distribution date") following the calendar year in which
the participant separates from service, unless the administrator in its sole
discretion determines that distributions shall occur on the distribution dates
elected by the


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