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SEC Filings

JONES LANG LASALLE INC filed this Form S-1/A on 07/11/1997
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accounts to be known as the participant's "SCA account" and his "deferral
account." A participant's accounts shall include a subaccount for each calendar
year that amounts are credited on behalf of the participant. Each such
subaccount shall reflect (i) the amount credited during that year and (ii)
investment gains or losses on the investments deemed credited to those accounts.
SCA credits and deferred amounts shall be credited to subaccounts as of the date
bonuses or cash compensation would otherwise have been paid to the participant.
Subaccounts will be adjusted from time to time to reflect investment gains and
losses, as provided in subsection 4.5.

          4.5. Adjustment of Participants' Accounts. As of each December 31
(that date is referred to below as an "accounting date"), the administrator
          (a)  First, charge to the proper accounts all payments or
               distributions made since the last preceding accounting date that
               have not been charged previously;

          (b)  Next, credit participants' accounts with SCA credits and other
               amounts deferred which were applied to company stock;

          (c)  Next, as to any deferrals other than those in (b) above, credit
               participants' accounts with a portion of the amounts deferred on
               behalf of the participant since the last preceding accounting
               date, to equitably reflect that deferrals 


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