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                                   SECTION 4

                            Bonus Deferral Elections

           4.1.  Bonus Deferral Elections.  In order to defer a portion of his
 bonus for any calendar year, a participant with annual compensation not greater
 than $225,000 may irrevocably elect to defer from his bonus an amount not to
 exceed 10 per cent of his total compensation for that year.  The amount which
 can be deferred by a participant under the preceding sentence shall be reduced
 by the amount of the participant's SCA credit for that year.  A participant
 must make his bonus deferral election in advance by signing a deferral
 agreement and filing it with the administrator no later than the date specified
 by the administrator.  A participant's bonus deferral election filed with the
 administrator is irrevocable on and after the administrator's deadline for the
 election.  The administrator is authorized to modify this subsection to:

           (a)  allow other participants to make bonus deferral elections;

           (b)  change the rate of bonus deferral permitted; or

           (c)  delete the reduction for SCA credit.

           4.2.  Period for Which Deferral Election Effective.  

A participant's deferral election under subsection 4.1 and 


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