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SEC Filings

JONES LANG LASALLE INC filed this Form S-1/A on 07/11/1997
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ified in subsection 4.6. For each year that a SCA account is credited with
shares of company stock, a "discount subaccount" will also be established which
reflects the number of shares represented by the 15 percent deemed purchase
discount. The number of shares of company stock credited to the discount
subaccount maintained for each year is subject to the vesting schedule in the
next sentence. If the participant separates from service with the company within
three years from the date as of which company stock is credited to the
participant's discount subaccount, the amount then credited (as adjusted under
subsection 4.5) to the discount subaccount will be forfeited, unless the
participant's separation is due to one of the following:

           (a)  death;

           (b)  total and permanent disability;

           (c)  retirement (as defined by the administrator), provided the
                participant announces his retirement on or before the date
                company stock is credited.

          3.3.  Distribution Election.  In accordance with subsection 3.1,
company stock will be credited as a deemed investment to the SCA accounts of
certain participants. Each such participant may, but need not, make an election
of the date on which the amount so credited (together with any invest-


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