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SEC Filings

JONES LANG LASALLE INC filed this Form S-1/A on 07/11/1997
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  Investment Management. The Company's Investment Management group provides
real estate investment management services to institutional investors,
corporations and high net worth individuals. The Company offers its clients a
broad range of private investments (i.e., purchases of real estate assets) and
public investments such as real estate investment trusts ("REITs") and
commercial mortgage-backed securities ("CMBS"). Private real estate investments
have been made on a direct basis and through fund investments in portfolios of
assets. Investments in public REITs and CMBS are generally managed through
investment funds or client-specific portfolios. As of March 31, 1997, the
Company had approximately $15.1 billion of real estate assets under management,
of which approximately $2.5 billion consisted of public real estate securities.
  The Company is pursuing a growth strategy which capitalizes on existing
client relationships and emerging industry trends. Key components of its growth
strategy include:
  . Expanding Client Relationships. The Company intends to utilize its broad
    real estate services capabilities to increase the range of services
    provided to existing clients as well as to develop new client
  . Broadening International Presence. The Company intends to grow its
    existing international operations and enter new markets to meet the
    increasingly global needs of its clients.
  . Selectively Pursuing Strategic Acquisitions. As the industry
    consolidation among real estate service providers continues, the Company
    intends to selectively pursue strategic acquisitions which expand the
    Company's product and service offerings and geographic presence and which
    provide the opportunity for economies of scale.
  . Pursuing Co-investment Opportunities. The Company intends to accelerate
    its strategy of co-investing with its investment management clients to
    take advantage of recovering real estate markets. This strategy is
    intended to increase the growth of assets under management, generate
    return on investment and create potential opportunities to provide
    services related to the acquisition, financing, property management,
    leasing and disposition of such investments.
  The Company and LaSalle Partners Management Services, Inc. ("LPMS"), LaSalle
Partners Corporate & Financial Services, Inc. ("LCFS") and LaSalle Advisors
Capital Management, Inc. ("LACM") were formed in April 1997 in connection with
the conversion of the business and operations of the Predecessor Partnerships
from partnership to corporate form. Immediately prior to the closing of the
Offering, the general and limited partners of the Predecessor Partnerships will
exchange their partnership interests in the Predecessor Partnerships for
12,200,000 shares of Common Stock, and the Company will succeed to the business
and operations of the Predecessor Partnerships. Prior to the exchange, neither
the Company, LPMS, LCFS nor LACM had any assets or conducted any operations
other than in connection with their formation.
  Following the exchange, the Company will operate as a holding company with
the business and operations of the Predecessor Partnerships being conducted
through four principal wholly-owned operating subsidiaries, LPMS, LCFS, LACM
and LaSalle Partners International, Inc. ("LPII" and, collectively with LPMS,
LCFS and LACM, the "Principal Operating Subsidiaries"). LPII, an existing
subsidiary of the Predecessor Partnerships, will continue to conduct the
Company's international operations. The Predecessor Partnerships are
undertaking these transactions in order to facilitate access to the capital
markets, provide greater flexibility for acquisitions, create longer-term
liquidity for their partners and reduce administrative burdens associated with
operating as a partnership. See "Incorporation Transactions."

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