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SEC Filings

JONES LANG LASALLE INC filed this Form S-1/A on 07/11/1997
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   was derived from clients for which the Company provided services in prior
   years. The Company's relationship orientation is supported by an employee
   compensation system which it believes is unique in the real estate
   industry. LaSalle Partners compensates its professionals with a salary,
   bonus and stock ownership plan which is designed to reward client
   relationship building, teamwork and quality performance, rather than on a
   commission basis which is typical in the industry.
  . Full Range of Services. By offering a wide range of high quality,
    complementary services, the Company can combine its services to develop
    and implement real estate strategies that meet the increasingly complex
    needs of its clients. The Company's product and service capabilities
    include property management and leasing, facility management, development
    management, tenant representation, investment banking, land acquisition
    and development, and investment management.
  . Geographic Reach. With 10 corporate offices and over 300 property and
    other offices throughout the United States, LaSalle Partners possesses
    in-depth knowledge of local markets and can provide its full range of
    real estate services throughout the country. In addition, the Company's
    four international offices give the Company the ability to serve its
    clients' needs in key international markets. The international offices
    also serve as the platform from which the Company will expand its
    international presence.
  . Reputation. Based on its industry knowledge, commissioned marketing
    surveys, industry publications and number of long-standing client
    relationships, the Company believes that it is widely recognized by large
    corporations and institutional owners and users of real estate as a
    provider of high quality, professional real estate services and
    investment management products. The Company believes its name recognition
    and reputation for quality services are significant advantages when
    pursuing new business opportunities.     
  . Experienced Management/Employee Equity Incentives. The Company's senior
    management team has an average of approximately 18 years of experience in
    the real estate services industry and, with the exception of Lizanne
    Galbreath who joined the Company on April 22, 1997 in connection with the
    Galbreath merger, has been with LaSalle Partners for an average of
    approximately 16 years. The Company uses equity-based incentive
    compensation and bonus plans and minimum stock ownership guidelines to
    foster employee commitment and align employee and stockholder interests.
    Immediately following the Offering, the Company's senior management team
    will indirectly own approximately 21.4% of the outstanding Common Stock
    and total employee ownership will be approximately 47.5%.

  To meet the diverse needs of its clients, the Company provides its full range
of real estate services through three principal business groups: Management
Services, Corporate and Financial Services and Investment Management.
  Management Services. The Company's Management Services group develops and
implements property level strategies to increase investment value for real
estate owners and optimize occupancy costs for corporate owners and users of
real estate. The Management Services group provides three primary service
capabilities: (i) property management and leasing for property owners; (ii)
facility management for properties occupied by corporate owners and users; and
(iii) development management for both investors and real estate users seeking
to develop new buildings or renovate existing facilities. As of March 31, 1997,
the Management Services group had property management, leasing or facility
management responsibility for approximately 132.7 million square feet of
commercial space.
  Corporate and Financial Services. The Company's Corporate and Financial
Services group provides transaction and advisory services through three primary
service capabilities: (i) tenant representation for corporations and
professional service firms; (ii) investment banking services to address the
financing, acquisition and disposition needs of real estate owners; and (iii)
land acquisition and development services for owners, users and developers of
land. The Corporate and Financial Services group executed over 250 tenant
representation assignments in 1996, representing approximately seven million
square feet, and completed institutional property sales, debt and equity
financings and portfolio advisory activities on assets and portfolios valued at
approximately $4.9 billion.

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