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JONES LANG LASALLE INC filed this Form S-1/A on 07/03/1997
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  Land Services. The Company has been active in the evaluation, acquisition
and disposition of land assets since 1970. The Company's Land Services
professionals offer clients expertise and broad experience in a range of land-
related competencies, including land planning and urban design, political
approvals, market and financial analysis and valuations. The Land Services
unit completed 37 transactions in 1996 in United States markets as well as in
multiple international markets. The Company's Land Services unit benefits from
LaSalle Partners' strong relationships with its clients, with approximately
50% of Land Services unit transactions in 1996 involving clients serviced by
other business units of the Company. The Land Services unit generated
approximately $4.9 million of revenue in 1996.
  The Land Services unit acquires and sells urban and suburban development
projects and sites for future development, undertakes complex land assemblages
and site searches and provides advisory services for owners of land and land-
development projects. The Company's Land Services unit also originates and
executes land-related investment programs in development properties and
portfolios of land assets for the clients of the Company's Investment
Management group. In addition, the Company developed expertise in the sale of
portfolios of land and land-related assets by completing such assignments for
several corporate clients, as well as the disposition of the $1.7 billion
National Land Fund for the Resolution Trust Corporation. The Company's Land
Services professionals also have advised public institutions on land-related
assignments, including the conversion of military base facilities, master
planning of peripheral airport land and the evaluation and disposition of land
related to major transit systems.
  Representative clients served in 1996 included the California Public
Employees' Retirement System, City of Chicago, Nippon Landic (USA), Inc. and
Shell Oil Company.
  The Company's Investment Management group provides real estate investment
management services to institutional investors, corporations and high net-
worth individuals. The Company serves its clients through a broad range of
real estate money management products and services in the public and private
capital markets to meet various strategic, risk/return and liquidity
requirements, with a wide variety of equity and debt products. This business
is organized along two functional lines, private equity and debt investments
and public equity and debt investments. The Company offers its clients a range
of investment alternatives, including private direct (i.e. single asset
acquisitions) and fund (i.e. portfolios of assets) investments in many real
estate property types (e.g., office, retail, hotel, industrial, residential,
land and parking) and public investments, primarily in REITs, other public
real estate equities and CMBS. The Company believes that the success of the
Investment Management group is built on the foundation of fully integrated
research, innovative investment strategies and a strong client focus. The
Company believes, based on its industry knowledge, that it has developed a
reputation as an industry leader and innovator in real estate investment
management. The Investment Management group's strategy is focused on three
fundamentals: (i) developing and executing tailored investment strategies to
meet a variety of client objectives; (ii) providing superior performance for
its clients; and (iii) delivering a high level of service.     
  As of March 31, 1997, the Company managed approximately $15.1 billion of
real estate assets, making LaSalle Partners the third largest manager of
institutional equity capital invested in domestic real estate assets and
securities. Approximately $2.5 billion of this total represents public real
estate securities currently managed by the Company's ABKB/LaSalle Securities
unit ("ABKB/LaSalle Securities"), a leading domestic institutional real estate
money manager.
  The investment and capital origination activities of the Company's
Investment Management group are becoming increasingly international. As of
March 31, 1997, 22% of the Company's assets under management were invested
outside of the United States. Additionally, approximately 38% of equity
capital currently under management by the Company originated from
international investors. The Company expects its international Investment
Management group to continue to increase as a proportion of total capital
raised and invested. In 1996, the Investment Management group generated $58.6
million of revenue and $5.3 million of operating income, representing
approximately 33% of the Company's total revenue and 20% of the Company's

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