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JONES LANG LASALLE INC filed this Form S-1/A on 07/03/1997
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non-corporate users of real estate, such as government agencies and health and
educational institutions, have begun outsourcing real estate activities as a
means of reducing costs. As a result, there are significant growth
opportunities for firms that can provide integrated real estate services
across many geographic markets.
  As a result of recovering real estate markets, institutional investors have
increased their allocation of investment capital to real estate and many
investors have shown a desire to commit their capital to investment managers
willing to co-invest with them on specific investments. In addition, investors
are increasingly requiring that the fees paid to investment managers be more
closely aligned with investment performance. As a result, the Company believes
that those investment managers with co-investment capital will have an
advantage in attracting real estate investment capital. Co-investment brings
with it the opportunity to provide additional services related to the
acquisition, financing, property management, leasing and disposition of such
  As many United States corporations have pursued growth opportunities in
international markets, they have increased their demand for global real estate
services, such as facility management, tenant representation and development
management. The Company believes that this trend will favor those real estate
service providers with the capability to provide services in key international
markets. Additionally, real estate capital flows have become more global as
foreign investors have invested in United States assets, and United States
investors have sought international real estate investment opportunities. This
trend has created new markets for investment managers that can facilitate
international real estate capital flows and can execute cross-border real
estate transactions.
  Following the Offering, the Company intends to use its increased financial
flexibility to pursue its growth strategy, which is designed to capitalize on
existing client relationships and emerging industry trends. Key components of
its growth strategy include the following:
  Based on its ability to deliver high quality real estate services, the
Company has been able to successfully leverage discrete client assignments
into more comprehensive relationships utilizing some or all of its business
groups. Current industry trends, particularly improving real estate markets
and the increased outsourcing of real estate services, provide a favorable
environment for the Company to increase the scope of its current client
relationships and to develop new relationships through its broad array of
services. The Company's business groups identify new clients and markets and
pursue opportunities to sell the products and services of many of the
Company's business units. The Company's Client Services Group, which is a
dedicated firm-wide marketing organization, acts as a catalyst in assisting
Company professionals in all groups in marketing multiple services of the firm
to existing and prospective clients.
  To take advantage of the trend toward globalization of real estate capital
sources and investment opportunities and the international business expansion
of many of its corporate clients, the Company intends to expand its existing
international operations and enter new international markets. This expansion
is expected to include the opening of new international offices and may
include selective acquisitions of international real estate services
companies. In order to serve its clients' increasingly global real estate
needs, and to pursue new business opportunities, the Company has opened
offices in London, Paris, Mexico City and Beijing. The Company intends to use
these international offices to serve as a platform from which the Company will
expand its international presence.

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