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JONES LANG LASALLE INC filed this Form S-3ASR on 11/07/2017
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        We may issue purchase contracts, including contracts obligating holders to purchase from us, and obligating us to the holders, a specified number of shares of common stock, preferred stock or debt securities at a future date or dates. The price of the securities and the number of securities may be fixed at the time the purchase contracts are issued or may be determined by reference to a specific formula set forth in the purchase contracts, and may be subject to adjustment under anti-dilution formulas. The purchase contracts may be issued separately or as part of units, which we refer to in this prospectus as purchase units, each consisting of a purchase contract and debt securities, preferred stock or debt obligations of third parties, including U.S. Treasury securities, or any combination of the foregoing, securing the holder's obligation to purchase the securities under the purchase contract. The purchase contracts may require holders to secure their obligations under the purchase contracts in a specified manner. The purchase contracts also may require us to make periodic payments to the holders of the purchase contracts or the purchase units, as the case may be, or vice versa, and those payments may be unsecured or pre-funded on some basis in whole or in part.

        The applicable prospectus supplement will describe the terms of the purchase contracts or purchase units. This description is not complete and the description in the prospectus supplement will not necessarily be complete, and reference is made to the purchase contracts, and, if applicable, collateral or depositary arrangements relating to the purchase contracts or purchase units, which will be filed with the SEC each time we issue purchase contracts or purchase units. If any particular terms of the purchase contracts or purchase units described in the prospectus supplement differ from any of the terms described herein, then the terms described herein will be deemed superseded by that prospectus supplement. Material United States federal income tax considerations applicable to the purchase units and the purchase contracts will also be discussed in the applicable prospectus supplement.


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