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JONES LANG LASALLE INC filed this Form S-3ASR on 11/07/2017
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    the guarantors, if any, of such debt securities and the terms of such guarantors' guarantees of such debt securities (including provisions relating to seniority, subordination and release of the guarantees);

    the currency, currencies or currency units in which the purchase price for, the principal of and any premium and any interest on, such debt securities will be payable;

    the time period within which, the manner in which and the terms and conditions upon which the holders of such debt securities or we can select the payment currency;

    our obligation or right to redeem, purchase or repay such debt securities under a sinking fund, amortization or analogous provision;

    any restriction or conditions on the transferability of such debt securities;

    whether such debt securities will be secured or unsecured and, if such debt securities are to be secured, the terms on which such debt securities will be so secured;

    provisions granting special rights to holders of such debt securities upon occurrence of specified events;

    compensation or reimbursement of the trustee of such series of debt securities;

    provisions for the defeasance of such debt securities or provisions related to satisfaction and discharge of the indenture;

    provisions relating to the modification of the indenture both with and without the consent of holders of debt securities issued under the indenture and the execution of supplemental indentures for such series; and

    any other terms of such debt securities (which terms shall not be inconsistent with the provisions of the TIA, but may modify, amend, supplement or delete any of the terms of the indenture with respect to such series of debt securities).


        We may sell the debt securities, including original issue discount securities, at par or at a substantial discount below their stated principal amount. Unless we inform you otherwise in a prospectus supplement, we may issue additional debt securities of a particular series without the consent of the holders of the debt securities of such series or any other series outstanding at the time of issuance. Any such additional debt securities, together with all other outstanding debt securities of that series, will constitute a single series of securities under the indenture.

        We will describe in the applicable prospectus supplement any other special considerations for any debt securities we sell which are denominated in a currency or currency unit other than U.S. dollars. In addition, debt securities may be issued where the amount of principal and/or interest payable is determined by reference to one or more currency exchange rates, commodity prices, equity indices or other factors. Holders of such securities may receive a principal amount or a payment of interest that is greater than or less than the amount of principal or interest otherwise payable on such dates, depending upon the value of the applicable currencies, commodities, equity indices or other factors. Information as to the methods for determining the amount of principal or interest, if any, payable on any date, the currencies, commodities, equity indices or other factors to which the amount payable on such date is linked.

        United States federal income tax consequences and special considerations, if any, applicable to any such series will be described in the applicable prospectus supplement. Unless we inform you otherwise


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